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Cebu Pacific Airlines

Secure your Cebu Pacific Airline flights with great discounted fares on Get details about the flight schedule of Cebu Pacific Airlines for your preferred destination. Check Cebu Pacific's web check-in policy & and baggage allowance for domestic & and international travel.

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Popular Cebu Pacific Air International Flights

Cebu Pacific Airlines Flight Booking

Cebu Pacific began its operations in 1988, making it the low-cost airline with the longest continuous history in Asia. The airline is based in Pasay City, Manila, and offers affordable fares throughout the Philippines. 

The airline is the sole property of JG Summit Holdings. It operates mostly out of Manila International Airport (MNL), but it also has six additional aviation locations spread out over the Philippines. It serves 60 local and international destinations in 14 countries regularly. 

Cebu Pacific is the Philippines' most successful airline by passenger count. Cebu Pacific has 67 aircraft in its inventory that are considered to be newer models.

The first Airbus A321neo was delivered to CEB in 2019, and the first Airbus A330neo was delivered in 2021; this was done as part of CEB's attempts to lessen the impact that it has on the environment. This changeover to a fuel-efficient airliner lays the route to having an all-neo service by the year 2027 and promotes the airline's objective of meeting its ESG goals while also keeping air travel dependable and affordable for everybody.

Cebu Pacific Airlines Connectivity and Fleet Information

Cebu Pacific has a 76-strong fleet consisting of 55 Airbus aircraft, which include 7 A321ceo, 6 A321neo, 5 A320neo, and 8 A330 aircraft, along with 29 A320, and 21 ATR aircraft, including 7 ATR 72-500, 13 ATR 72-600, and 1 ATR cargo aircraft, making it one of the most cutting-edge aeroplane fleets in the world. 

Between the years 2020 and 2026, the airline is planning to purchase a total of 15 aircraft from the A320neo series, in addition to taking possession of 26 more Airbus A321neos, 16 new A330neos, 3 more ATR 72-600s, and other aircraft from the A321neo family. 

This airline provides service to over 60 national and international locations in 16 countries, some of which include the United Arab Emirates, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore etc. and hence, it is considered to be one of the largest in the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific Air Awards

The airline has received a great deal of praise and awards for the quality of its services and the steps it has taken to reduce its impact on the environment. 

  • 2022 Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation - Asia Environmental Sustainability Airline

  • 2021 The World Travel Awards - Asia's Leading Most Efficient Airline

  • 2020 - Most Improved Airline of 2020

  • 2020 The World Travel Awards - Asia's Leading Most Efficient Airline

  • 2012 Budgies and Travel Award - Low-Cost Carrier of the Year

Cebu Pacific Airlines Class of Travel

Cebu Pacific's cabins are entirely economy class, and passengers have the opportunity to upgrade in one of three ways:

  • Economy class Fly Only

  • Economy class Fly+Bag

  • Economy class Fly+Bag+Meal

Economy class Fly Only

Passengers who book travel in Economy class with the Fly Only option can reach their destination with minimal checked luggage.

  • Comfortable seats

  • Paid in-flight menu with advance booking

  • Minimal luggage allowance

Economy Class Fly+Bag

As part of the new Fly+Bag service, each passenger is entitled to bring along up to 20 kg of baggage free of charge.

  • Comfortable seats

  • Paid in-flight menu with advance booking

  • Reasonable luggage allowance

Economy Class Fly+Bag+Meal

Travellers who purchase the Fly+Bag+Meal upgrade are allowed to bring 20 kilograms of free baggage onto the aircraft, in addition to receiving a complimentary meal.

  • Comfortable seats

  • Free in-flight menu with advance booking

  • Reasonable luggage allowance

Cebu Pacific Airlines Baggage Allowance

For passengers flying in economy class, the maximum weight limit for carry-on luggage is 7 kg, and the maximum weight limit for checked luggage is 20 kg for passengers who buy baggage. 

With Cebu Pacific booking, travellers are allowed to bring one piece of baggage with them if they select the Prepaid Baggage option in a weight category of either 20 kg to 32 kg. They are permitted a maximum of two pieces of baggage with a combined weight of up to 64 kilograms, and they can select any two-weight alternatives for those pieces of baggage. 

Travellers can visit the website of the airline for further information on the baggage allowance for additional items.

Cebu Pacific Airlines Web Check-In and Boarding Pass

Before embarking on their trip, passengers have the option to use Cebu Pacific online check-in up to seven days before their departure. Passengers can avoid the long lines at the airport by checking in for their flights in advance online, and also check their Cebu Pacific PNR. The check-in desks for domestic Cebu Pacific bookings close a strict 45 minutes before departure time. Likewise, check-in counters for foreign flights close an hour before departure.

Check-in Cebu Pacific Air Domestic Flights

Domestic travellers can check in online starting seven days before their journey and up until an hour before take-off.

Check-in Cebu Pacific Air International Flights

Passengers on international flights can check in online beginning 7 days before departure up to 4 hours before departure.

Cebu Pacific Airlines In-flight Services

Cebu Pacific flights do not offer any sort of in-flight entertainment. Passengers who have opted for the Fly+Bag+Meal package while making their Cebu Pacific flight schedule will receive their meals for the duration of their flight. Additionally, drinks and small snacks are available for purchase to passengers while they are in flight.

Cebu Pacific Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme: Get-go

Cebu Pacific's loyalty programme, known as Get-go, provides participants with the opportunity to accumulate points that may be redeemed for complimentary flights, upgrades, and additional benefits. These points can be earned through various activities like shopping, dining, and online travel bookings. The points can be redeemed at any time using the Cebu Pacific online booking. The expiration period of the points is not predetermined, and members have the opportunity to avail themselves of seat discounts and partner offers via the website.

Cebu Pacific Airlines Onboard Support

Any passengers with special needs can ask the airline for help when making a Cebu Pacific online reservation. Airport personnel who are physically present at the airport premises offer a range of services, including the provision of wheelchairs and aid to passengers during check-in procedures. An option exists for the traveller to select the service that best matches their needs. Cebu Pacific's official website provides comprehensive information regarding the policies and regulations applicable to expectant mothers and unaccompanied minors.

About Cebu Pacific Airlines Refund & Cancellation

Cebu Pacific trips are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. Cebu Pacific's Customer Service Plan, which follows the Philippine Air Passenger Bill of Rights, allows travellers whose flights are delayed or cancelled to seek full or partial reimbursement. In the event that a Cebu Pacific journey is cancelled or delayed by a duration of three hours or more, and the customer has not rebooked the flight or switched the ticket into a Travel Fund before the period of cancellation, the traveller is entitled to a full refund.

In most circumstances, voluntary cancellations do not repay fare, fuel surcharge, taxes, or fees. Rebooking an alternative route two hours before flight departure is permitted, but there are penalties and pricing variances.  Travellers with CEB Flexi can freely cancel bookings and save the amount in their Travel Fund. The sole restriction is that they cancel their bookings two hours before departure.

Cleartrip: Runway for Cebu Pacific Airlines Flights

Cebu Pacific is Asia's earliest low-cost airline, having been founded in 1988. They are the top airline in the Philippines, with service to more than 36 domestic and 26 foreign locations in 16 nations, including Singapore, Australia, China, Japan, and the UAE. The airline holds the distinction of being the largest carrier in the Philippines in terms of passenger volume.

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Q. What’s the online check-in window for Cebu Pacific Airlines?

A. Domestic flights allow online check-in seven days before departure to one hour before departure. On international trips, passengers can check online up to 7 days before their flight and up to 4 hours before their flight departs.

Q. How much is free baggage allowed on Cebu Pacific Airlines?

A. Cebu Pacific limits carry-on baggage to 7 kilograms, including bags and backpacks. Passengers might need a Prepaid Baggage Allowance if their ticket does not include check-in baggage.

Q. Does an infant need a separate seat on Cebu Pacific Air?

A. The handling cost is minor, but infants and toddlers under two don't need a seat. Cebu Pacific must be notified in advance if the passenger will be travelling with a child on their lap. The rule is one child per adult.

Q. Is online check-in mandatory when flying via Cebu Pacific Airlines?

A. Online check-in for a flight is easier than doing it at the airport since you don't have to wait in lines. Passengers have the option to utilise the airport's check-in counter to check-in.

Q. How many international destinations does Cebu Pacific Airlines cover?

A. The airline operates flights to a total of 26 overseas destinations spanning across 16 different nations.

Q. What are the in-flight entertainment options offered by Cebu Pacific Airlines?

A. Cebu Pacific does not have any entertainment on board its flight.

Q. Does Cebu Pacific Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

A. Except for US travellers with service pets or emotional support animals, Cebu Pacific Air prohibits live animals in its cabins.

Q. Does Cebu Pacific Airlines serve alcohol on board?

A. No, because it is a budget carrier, the airline does not offer alcoholic beverages on board.

Q. What is the Cebu Pacific Airlines airline code?

A. IATA: 5J, ICAO: CEB, Call sign: CEBU AIR        

Q. What is the allowance for carrying alcohol on Cebu Pacific Airlines?

A. Only checked luggage is allowed for alcohol and spirits. It must be properly packaged and sealed by passengers.

Q. Does Cebu Pacific Air have options for online seat selection?

A. Cebu Pacific allows passengers to select their seats online for a small price.

Q. What is the total number of routes serviced by Cebu Pacific Airlines?

A. At the moment, Cebu Airlines operates flights to a total of 36 local locations as well as 26 overseas destinations spread throughout 16 countries in the Asia Pacific area.