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Air India Express

Secure your Air India Express flights with great discounted fares on Get details about the flight schedule of Air India Express for your preferred destination. Check Air India Express Airlines web check-in policy & and baggage allowance for domestic & and international travel.

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Popular Air India Express International Flights

Air India Express Airlines Flight Booking

Air India Express is recognised as the premiere low-cost carrier (LCC) in India, specialising in the operation of international regional flights. Using its direct point-to-point services, India connects several main cities to destinations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Since its establishment in 2005, the airline has had significant growth and currently holds the position as the leading low-cost carrier (LCC) operating flights between India and the Gulf region. A total of 34 locations in India and various other countries are interconnected through a network of over 700 flights every week. The airline, which is entirely owned by Air India, commenced operations in April 2005. 

The airline's services are widely appreciated globally due to their exceptional value proposition. Low-cost airline the airline is distinguished for its outstanding customer service, roomy seats, and straightforward meal and entertainment options. The airline provides service to international destinations that may be travelled to in a flying time of fewer than four hours from the most important cities in India. 

The primary objective of the airline is to establish itself as a dominant player in the market by effectively developing the scope of its routes to encompass a greater number of international destinations. Airline ticketing is made simple by online booking, and web check-in allows travellers to avoid airport lines. The airline adheres to all relevant safety protocols and rules, delivering exceptional service to its clientele. Many people have chosen to fly with this airline because of the reliability of its flights to all parts of the country.

Air India Express Airlines Connectivity and Fleet Information

Air India Express sustains its cost-effective operational framework through the utilisation of a fleet consisting of 27 aircraft, which include aircraft like the Boeing 737-800 Next Generation, Airbus A320 neo, and the Airbus A320 CEO models. The fleet is reasonably modern and thus efficient from a financial and ecological standpoint. As a direct result of this, they are suitable for travel on international routes ranging from short to medium lengths and are both secure and pleasant.

The organisation aspires to incorporate sustainability concepts into its core to effectively address ESG (environmental, social, and governance) concerns and leverage opportunities arising from ESG trends. The airline operates a total of more than 700 flights every week, providing services to a diverse range of 44 destinations within India and beyond.

Air India Express Airlines Awards

The airline is renowned for its cost-effective operations and high-quality service, which has been acknowledged through several accolades.

  • Economic Times, 2022 - Iconic Brand of India

  • The Economic Times, 2021- Iconic Brand of India

  • 2022 Wings India Award

  • Atmosfair Airline Index, 2018 - 28 Rank

Air India Express Airlines Class of Travel

There are no cabin differences on the budget airline Air India Express. Only Economy class is used by passengers.

  • Economy Class

Economy Class

Booking an Economy Class flight on the airline is guaranteed to provide you with the highest quality service at an affordable price.

  • Comfortable seating with 30 30-inch seat pitch

  • Complimentary drinks and snacks

  • Pre-order option from an a la carte menu

  • Meal reservations for special diets

Air India Express Airlines Baggage Allowance

Air India Express provides complimentary baggage allowance to all customers, including infants. The carrier gives seasonal prices that include complimentary check-in luggage allowances of 20, 30 or 40 kg at some destinations. 

  • The weight allowance for luggage from the Gulf nations to India is determined based on the ticket category, with options of 20 kg, 30 kg, or 40 kg. 

  • The baggage allowed between India to the Gulf nations is 20 kilogrammes. 

  • The allowance between Singapore to India varies from 20 to 30 kg according to the Air India Express ticket booking.

  • The baggage allowance for travelling from India to other countries outside of Asia is also 20 kg. 

Domestic Air India Express flights have a baggage allowance of 25 kilogrammes. The maximum size of a passenger's carry-on baggage, including duty-free shopping bags, is 115 centimetres. Passengers are permitted to carry 7 kilograms of hand baggage.

You can easily check the baggage policy here.

Air India Express Airlines Check-In and Boarding Pass

Before travelling to the airport, passengers on the Air India Express trip are required to check in for the journey online. Due to the recent outbreak, this measure was taken to eliminate the possibility of any kind of encounter taking place at the airport. Only paid or free seats will be allocated when passengers check in with Air India Express online booking. Online reservations for flights on Air India Express can be made at the airline's official website.

Web check-in as well as the option to check-in at the airport are both available for flights under this budget airline. When using Air India Express flight booking, you have up to twenty-four hours before your departure to check in online for the flight and complete all necessary transactions. Your electronic ticket, also known as an e-ticket, can be presented at the airport in one of two ways: either printed out or saved on your smartphone or tablet. Three hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight, the check-in counters of the carrier are open for business. The check-in counters will close 1 hour before the scheduled departure time.

Air India Express Airlines In-flight Services

When customers fly with the airline, they have the option of pre-reserving a variety of delectable meals to enjoy throughout their flight. Passengers have the opportunity to place a pre-order for breakfast, appetisers, lunch, and evening dishes at the Express Cafe. Air India Express booking provides convenient access to a variety of hot alternatives, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Gluten-free, kid-friendly, diabetic, and Jain diets are among the meal options that can be ordered ahead of time. Passengers have the option to purchase not just snacks but also soft drinks, tea, and coffee. 

Due to the short duration of the Air India Express flights, passengers will only be offered one meal. Unless otherwise noted, the cost of your ticket typically already comprises the cost of your meals.

About Air India Express Airlines Refund & Cancellation

Customers who need to change their reservation can do so by calling the sales offices or utilising the Internet. Any reservation for an Air India Express flight that is cancelled will be subject to a cancellation fee. Passengers can check the carrier's cancellations and refund policies before making a reservation. Unless otherwise noted, most cancellations will not result in a refund of the reservation fee. 

If passengers need to change or cancel their flights, they must let the airline know at least 12 hours beforehand the scheduled departure time. Any modifications they make to their flight reservation with the airline will incur a fee based on per passenger and seat change. The flight's new date and time reflect these modifications. Please contact the airlines directly or visit their website if you have any further questions.

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Q. What’s the online check-in window for Air India Express Airlines?

A. Passengers can check in on an Air India Express trip online 24 hours preceding the flight and up to 1 hour before their flight is supposed to leave.

Q. How much is free baggage allowed on Air India Express Airlines?

A. The airline's policy on free bags depends on the type of fare, the final location, and the number of seats available. The baggage allowance per passenger is 7 kg, with a maximum combined dimension of 115 cm in dimensions of length, width, and height.

Q. Does an infant need a separate seat on Air India Express Airlines?

A. Children who are under the age of two can sit on an adult's lap. Only one child may be seated on the lap of an adult at a time. Any adult who is travelling with more than one kid under the age of two must buy a separate seat.

Q. Is online check-in mandatory when flying via Air India Express Airlines?

A. Passengers have the option of checking in for their flights either at the airport counters of the airline or checking in online.

Q. How many international destinations does Air India Express Airlines cover?

A. The airline operates flights to a total of 44 destinations spread around the globe.

Q. What are the in-flight entertainment options offered by Air India Express Airlines?

A. Because the airline is a low-cost budget carrier, the airline does not provide any in-flight entertainment choices for its customers.

Q. Does Air India Express Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

A. When you book a flight with the airline, your pet has the option of travelling in the cabin with you or as checked luggage on certain local and international routes. It is best to check with the airline about the permissibility 

Q. Does Air India Express Airlines serve alcohol on board?

A. No alcoholic beverages are served or are available for sale for consumption on the airline

Q. What is the Air India Express Airlines airline code?


Q. What is the allowance for carrying alcohol on Air India Express Airlines?

A. A passenger is permitted to check in up to five litres of alcoholic beverages for themselves, provided that the beverages are in retail packaging, are correctly packaged, and the alcohol content does not exceed 70% of the volume of the beverage.